ICB by Prabal Gurung Debuts On First Ever Online Runway

Published February 16, 2012 by wieneragnes

Yesterday Prabal Gurung presented the first online runway show hosted by KCD Worldwide’s new Digital Fashion Showsplatform, showcasing his collection for Japanese brand ICB. ICB, which stands for International Concept Brand, is owned by established Japanese manufacturing company Onward Kashiyama, which also owns Jil Sander, J Press and others. They also have distribution and licensing agreements with Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and other big names. Anyway, Onward’s new president Akinori Baba brought on Prabal Gurung and opened a New York design office in 2011 to revive the brand.

While the online show was not quite as exciting or climactic as a live runway show, it certainly was convenient. I didn’t have to wait for half an hour and I could see everything clearly. Plus, I was able to download images immediately and an interview was already transcribed.

Gurung’s inspiration was the girl. “I would say an inspiring combination of beauty, intelligence and a little sense of humor is what an ICB girl is all about,” he said. “She has innate good taste and this is a stepping stone to what I have to offer in my main collection.”

The tailored, sculptural skirts, dresses and sweaters were unmistakably Gurung, as were the prints and pops of color like chartreuse and interesting details like dip-dying and laser cutting. However, the clothes were far more casual than the ultra-luxurious eveningwear you’d find in one of his main collections; and, according to the release, more affordable. Affordable, wearable clothing with Mr. Gurung’s stamp is, I think, something a lot of people will want.

He said of opting for the the new digital show format: “The main thing about this particular format is to make the lives of the retailers and the editors easier. They’ve made my life easier
through all of their support so I thought it was time for me to make their lives easier.” We appreciate it! Click through for the full collection.
























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