EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of the Marni for H&M Commercial with Sofia Coppola (Plus a Look at the Commercial)

Published February 4, 2012 by wieneragnes

One of the reasons we’ve been so excited about this Marni for H&M collection, besides the fact that it’s Marni and we love Marni’s prints and quirky intellectual aesthetic, is that Sofia Coppola was involved and, well, we’ve always sort of had a girl crush on her. She was tapped to direct the commercial for H&M’s latest collab, out March 8, and we’ve got a first look at a behind-the-scenes reel from the shoot, plus the final product.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Coppola says she took the assignment because she’s “never really done anything around fashion, and when they told me it was Marni it sounded like an interesting project.” Coppola, as a director, may have never “really done anything around fashion,” but she is, of course, a fashion fixture, style icon to many, and one of Marc Jacobs’ besties. But it turns out she’s a Marni girl, too. “I always thought [Marni] made interesting fashion and that the prints were always unusual and they really have their own look–it doesn’t look like anything else.”

Coppola shot the commercial at a villa in Marrakech that she’d been to with friends years ago. She wanted to find an actress to be the “main girl” and asked the casting people she uses for her films to pick one: enter Imogen Poots. Poots is the star of the commercial, but by no means the only familiar face. The commercial is a quintessential Coppola-party: beautiful rich-looking kids (Annabelle Dexter Jones), models (Liu Wen) and assorted hot boys (actors and models Sam Hayes, Antonine Peduzzi, Nicolas Peduzzi, Charlie Klarsfeld, and Jonatan Frenck) swan about looking effortlessly cool at a party that goes from day to night. And as always with Coppola, the music choice is spot on. Bryan Ferry’s “Avalon” provides the soundtrack, cementing the sort of hazy, effortless, cool-girl vibe of this collection.

Does it make you want to shop it?

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage here (and scroll down for a look at the actual commercial):



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