The Best Celebrity Nail Art of 2011

Published January 8, 2012 by wieneragnes

It’s official. The universe is completely obsessed with manicures and nail art. If you don’t believe me, look this post 🙂. And celebrities are always a source of inspiration–sometimes for what NOT to do, but usually making us pea green with envy because of their cleverly covered digits. While many famous ladies sported a sophisticated neutral palette this past year, there is an elite pack who said, “Screw that. We like glitter.”  Katy Perry even famously changed her manicure mid-VMAs this year.


Click through to see all the celebs this year who used their nails for artistic expression, to make a personal statement, and sometimes to just generally intimidate us.

Katy Perry: Katy did it all–she put her husband’s likeness on her nails, as well as Prince William’s. She also doesn’t shy away from glitter, gems, and food. Katy, we salute your vision and sense of humor.


Rihanna: Rihanna shows a preference for the pointy oval, otherwise known as a stiletto nail. Her nail polish is always dramatic, kind of like her hair. It all says, “Don’t eff with me or I’ll totally gouge your eyes out.”


Lauren ConradShe became our beauty inspiration this year after launching her beauty site and pretty much doing the cutest things ever over there. Her DIY manis are the stuff of daydreams, and we give her credit for introducing us to ombré nails.


Lady Gaga: The more stuff she can pile on to her nailbeds, the better she likes it. (And we indulged in a press-on set at Gaga’s workshop, which we’re saving to shock all our Midwestern relatives with over the holidays.)


Snooki: Snooki told us she comes up with a lot of her own nail designs, and she’ll be debuting nail wraps soon. She also apparently figured out how to fit more stuff on your nails: make them unnaturally wide at the top. (A plus: she can use them as measuring spoons while baking.)


Nicki Minaj: Nicki caused a commotion when OPI announced that she was getting her own nail polish line. It’s the best collaboration ever. Just look at her fingers!


Alexa Chung: Never tacky and always quirky, is our Alexa.


Beyoncé: Beyoncé is another one that doesn’t shy away from some length, a bold color, or a holograph.


Keri Hilson: Keri likes a smattering of sparkle on her tips. So do we


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