From Blond Ambition to MDNA: Madonna’s Tour Costumes Then and Now

Published June 2, 2012 by wieneragnes

Yesterday we got a peek at several sketches of Madonna’s costumes for her MDNA tour, and now that the tour has finally kicked off, we get to see them in the flesh. One of the things we’re really digging so far, is how they reference classic Madonna–particularly riffing on iconic costumes the Material Girl has worn in the past, like the unforgettable Gaultier conical corset.

But the Gaultier costume, while most certainly the most recognizable, is not the only familiar wardrobe motif Madonna dug up for her MDNA tour. Click through for side-by-side comparisons of her MDNA costumes and costumes from tours past.


Published February 29, 2012 by wieneragnes
Photo: Getty

Uma Thurman in Christian Lacroix, 2004   Aye, aye, Uma! No, this isn’t a runaway extra from the latest Pirates of the Caribbeaninstallment. While Ms. Thurman usually makes the most of her lean, statuesque frame, in 2004 she chose to walk the fashion plank in this risky, swashbuckling milkmaid number that had most fashion critics jumping ship.     Photo: Inspirations and Elations Sharon Stone in Vera Wang and Gap, 1998   In what’s become known as the epitome of a risky fashion ‘do,’ Sharon Stone showed the world that mixing high fashion with high street can make a maximum impact. Stone’s casualGap button-down (paired with a lilac Vera Wang skirt) came right out of her then-husband’s closet– thus also inspiring many walk-of-shame ensembles for years to follow.

Photo: Moviefone

Barbra Streisand in Arnold Scaasi, 1969   Babs generally plays it safe nowadays, but back in the ’60s, she collected her Best Actress Oscar (for Funny Girl) clad in glittery, flare-legged, see-through pajamas. Though she later claimed that she hadn’t realized the unusual ensemble was so sheer, we don’t really believe her. You’re still a risk-taker in our eyes, Barbra.


Kim Basinger in her own design, 1990   Kimmy B. looked like a Disney princess on crack in this new wave, asymmetrical ball gown, which she designed for herself to wear to the Academy Awards in 1990. Designing your own Oscar gown is a risk in itself. Designing it after you’ve been on a week-long bender of The Little Mermaid viewings and wine cooler consumption is an even greater risk. Though we can’t really agree it’s one worth taking.     Photos: Getty Hilary Swank in Guy Laroche, 2005   Hilary went an unconventional route with her 2005 Guy Laroche gown, proving a toned back can be just as sexy (and probably more so) as Hollywood’s old standby, over-exposed breast implants. In fact, it was Hil’s othercleavage that nearly made a showing. If you know what I’m saying…


Jada Pinkett Smith in Versace, 1997

First of all, IT WAS THE ’90s. So let’s try to focus on the positives here. Not everyone can pull-off a matching 2-piece mermaid club-kid ensemble – let alone to the biggest night in Hollywood. And she accessorized with a belly chain. You go, Jada.


Cher in Bob Mackie, 1986

Cher and Bob Mackie go together like a feather headdress and exposed hip bones at the Oscars. We’re not even sure if this little number is considered “risky” by Cher standards, but in our world, it’s up there.


Cher in Bob Mackie, 1988

This was actually pretty conservative Cher-fare back in the day, but we couldn’t notinclude it. We wish we could turn back tiioooome and have more crazy outfits like this at today’s Oscars.

Photo: Getty

Charlize Theron in Dior, 2011

We always look forward to seeing what fashion risk-taker Charlize is wearing come Oscar night. She must’ve known she’d be sending mixed fashion messages with her rosey-bossomed Dior gown in 2011, but she had the guts to rock it anyway. When the fit of a gown (and of course, the wearer) is this flawless, you can get away with some unconventional details.

ICB by Prabal Gurung Debuts On First Ever Online Runway

Published February 16, 2012 by wieneragnes

Yesterday Prabal Gurung presented the first online runway show hosted by KCD Worldwide’s new Digital Fashion Showsplatform, showcasing his collection for Japanese brand ICB. ICB, which stands for International Concept Brand, is owned by established Japanese manufacturing company Onward Kashiyama, which also owns Jil Sander, J Press and others. They also have distribution and licensing agreements with Donna Karan, Calvin Klein and other big names. Anyway, Onward’s new president Akinori Baba brought on Prabal Gurung and opened a New York design office in 2011 to revive the brand.

While the online show was not quite as exciting or climactic as a live runway show, it certainly was convenient. I didn’t have to wait for half an hour and I could see everything clearly. Plus, I was able to download images immediately and an interview was already transcribed.

Gurung’s inspiration was the girl. “I would say an inspiring combination of beauty, intelligence and a little sense of humor is what an ICB girl is all about,” he said. “She has innate good taste and this is a stepping stone to what I have to offer in my main collection.”

The tailored, sculptural skirts, dresses and sweaters were unmistakably Gurung, as were the prints and pops of color like chartreuse and interesting details like dip-dying and laser cutting. However, the clothes were far more casual than the ultra-luxurious eveningwear you’d find in one of his main collections; and, according to the release, more affordable. Affordable, wearable clothing with Mr. Gurung’s stamp is, I think, something a lot of people will want.

He said of opting for the the new digital show format: “The main thing about this particular format is to make the lives of the retailers and the editors easier. They’ve made my life easier
through all of their support so I thought it was time for me to make their lives easier.” We appreciate it! Click through for the full collection.























EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of the Marni for H&M Commercial with Sofia Coppola (Plus a Look at the Commercial)

Published February 4, 2012 by wieneragnes

One of the reasons we’ve been so excited about this Marni for H&M collection, besides the fact that it’s Marni and we love Marni’s prints and quirky intellectual aesthetic, is that Sofia Coppola was involved and, well, we’ve always sort of had a girl crush on her. She was tapped to direct the commercial for H&M’s latest collab, out March 8, and we’ve got a first look at a behind-the-scenes reel from the shoot, plus the final product.

In the behind-the-scenes footage, Coppola says she took the assignment because she’s “never really done anything around fashion, and when they told me it was Marni it sounded like an interesting project.” Coppola, as a director, may have never “really done anything around fashion,” but she is, of course, a fashion fixture, style icon to many, and one of Marc Jacobs’ besties. But it turns out she’s a Marni girl, too. “I always thought [Marni] made interesting fashion and that the prints were always unusual and they really have their own look–it doesn’t look like anything else.”

Coppola shot the commercial at a villa in Marrakech that she’d been to with friends years ago. She wanted to find an actress to be the “main girl” and asked the casting people she uses for her films to pick one: enter Imogen Poots. Poots is the star of the commercial, but by no means the only familiar face. The commercial is a quintessential Coppola-party: beautiful rich-looking kids (Annabelle Dexter Jones), models (Liu Wen) and assorted hot boys (actors and models Sam Hayes, Antonine Peduzzi, Nicolas Peduzzi, Charlie Klarsfeld, and Jonatan Frenck) swan about looking effortlessly cool at a party that goes from day to night. And as always with Coppola, the music choice is spot on. Bryan Ferry’s “Avalon” provides the soundtrack, cementing the sort of hazy, effortless, cool-girl vibe of this collection.

Does it make you want to shop it?

Check out the behind-the-scenes footage here (and scroll down for a look at the actual commercial):


The Best Celebrity Nail Art of 2011

Published January 8, 2012 by wieneragnes

It’s official. The universe is completely obsessed with manicures and nail art. If you don’t believe me, look this post 🙂. And celebrities are always a source of inspiration–sometimes for what NOT to do, but usually making us pea green with envy because of their cleverly covered digits. While many famous ladies sported a sophisticated neutral palette this past year, there is an elite pack who said, “Screw that. We like glitter.”  Katy Perry even famously changed her manicure mid-VMAs this year.


Click through to see all the celebs this year who used their nails for artistic expression, to make a personal statement, and sometimes to just generally intimidate us.

Katy Perry: Katy did it all–she put her husband’s likeness on her nails, as well as Prince William’s. She also doesn’t shy away from glitter, gems, and food. Katy, we salute your vision and sense of humor.


Rihanna: Rihanna shows a preference for the pointy oval, otherwise known as a stiletto nail. Her nail polish is always dramatic, kind of like her hair. It all says, “Don’t eff with me or I’ll totally gouge your eyes out.”


Lauren ConradShe became our beauty inspiration this year after launching her beauty site and pretty much doing the cutest things ever over there. Her DIY manis are the stuff of daydreams, and we give her credit for introducing us to ombré nails.


Lady Gaga: The more stuff she can pile on to her nailbeds, the better she likes it. (And we indulged in a press-on set at Gaga’s workshop, which we’re saving to shock all our Midwestern relatives with over the holidays.)


Snooki: Snooki told us she comes up with a lot of her own nail designs, and she’ll be debuting nail wraps soon. She also apparently figured out how to fit more stuff on your nails: make them unnaturally wide at the top. (A plus: she can use them as measuring spoons while baking.)


Nicki Minaj: Nicki caused a commotion when OPI announced that she was getting her own nail polish line. It’s the best collaboration ever. Just look at her fingers!


Alexa Chung: Never tacky and always quirky, is our Alexa.


Beyoncé: Beyoncé is another one that doesn’t shy away from some length, a bold color, or a holograph.


Keri Hilson: Keri likes a smattering of sparkle on her tips. So do we

Hello world!

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Don’t judge a book by its cover…unless it’s a magazine, in which case often the cover is the main selling point.

The  best covers of 2011 returned to a new naturalism and a fun aesthetic, like the Lara Stone T cover we’re still drooling over, pictured at left. Sure, there’s still room for artifice in fashion , but 2011 was a year for reflecting on natural beauties, incredible models, and stellar photography.

After toiling over hundred of covers, i am bringing you “The Best” according to us. Did I forget your favorite? Let me know in the comments.